Yarn install connection issues

I have tons of these connection errors all day today. After some retries it will work eventually. I suspect that this is somehow related to Dependabot opening up a ton of PRs simultaneously, but have no hard evidence for that.

Hi @boredland ,

I’m unable to find any issue that would cause that. Is this happening during buildtime or runtime? If buildtime, can you link to a specific build that has the problem? If runtime, can you link to the service?

Hi! Since this only ever happened in PRs (preview envs) and they now all are merged, I can’t access them anymore. If this happens again on monday (when dependabot will create a bunch of prs again), I’ll report back.

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so: it happened again, a lot.
one example: Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps
another pr: Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps

@boredland do you know if your project includes any particular large dependencies? It seems that other folks experiencing this issue have been able to resolve it by extending Yarn’s network timeout, which is something you could try.

We’re still looking into this, but aren’t seeing many instances of this problem across our network, so I’m curious if there is a particular package in your project that could be causing the issue.