Build success on local. but not on

yarn build works perfectly on my local. (development/production both)
but it shows for a long time as inprogress on and saying build failed without any specific reason.
Note: build works fine with development mode, not working for production mode on render
(just 1 line is different in env file)

Jul 3 09:07:49 PM Your application is ready~! :rocket:
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM - Local: http://localhost:10000
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM - Network: Add --host to expose
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM LOGS
Jul 3 09:07:49 PM

It’s showing like this before showing build failed message
any advice?


HI there,

Please bind services to use and not localhost,


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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