Xhr.js:247 GET https://tools-web-development.onrender.com/posts 504

I have a mono MERN repo, where I deploy my static app from the backend. Everything works locally, and as soon as I deploy, I get a 504 error!

branch : main
root directory : backend
build command : npm i && cd …/frontend && npm i && npm run build
start command : npm start

GitHub : https://github.com/Florence-Martin/tools-web-development

Thank you for your help, as I’ve been trying to deploy it for 2 weeks now !


General code debugging is beyond the scope of the Render Support team, maybe another member of the community would be able to offer advice. Maybe sharing some real examples, logs and reproduction steps of where the error is occurring may help.

I visited https://tools-web-development.onrender.com/ and didn’t see an error.


Ok thank you Alan

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