Why render is not allowing my log files to use ANSI code for color?

Why render is not allowing log files to use ANSI code for color?

So locally the app runs fine and the logs are created with ANSI code, I’m using Kleur module (nodejs) via Yarn for this.

Locally I see the logs with color tags (date, events, errors etc), but when the app is served on render the logs are not coloured at all. I experimented uploading one of the logs created locally and this one shows colours. So its about where the logs are created. It’s as if render is not allowing the logs to have ANSI code? Did render deactivate Kleur module for some reason?

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Hi there,

Are you referring to viewing logs from the Render dashboard or logs shipped to a 3rd party via log streams? The log file you uploaded, how are you viewing that, via our dashboards shell option or in some other way (i.e. via your terminals SSH)?


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