Why Do I keep getting misses on CF-Cache

I have a bunch of static assets that should be cached forever, and my server sends back
cache-control: max-age=315360000, public, immutable for them. But I’m also seeing: cf-cache-status: BYPASS in the response - is there a way to get CF to pick these up and CDN them correctly?

I think this other question is related Can I use render as a Django/whitenoise CDN?

I’ve also noticed the cf-cache-status: BYPASS in my server apps, and if I had to guess, it’s because Render is using Cloudflare for DDoS Free DDoS Protection for All Users | Render, but not for CDN. As noted in the other question, it would be great to have Cloudflare be the CDN too. I imagine the intended way for this to happen is by putting your Cloudflare “in front” of Render. Meaning, turn on the Orange proxy button for the CNAME DNS record in your Cloudflare account. It would be nice to have more docs or explanation around all this so we know the expectations.

Oh great - Thanks for sharing. I just assumed it was doing both CDN work and DDOS work. I’ll move discussion to the associated feature request.