What command is available and supported in the different environments?

Hi everybody,

TLDR: What command is available and supported in the various environments? (notably in the python one)

I’ve been trying to build some JavaScript and Python applications on Render, and was surprised to see that yarn was available from the buildCommand when running a web service with env: python. I am tempted to use it in production, as that would enable me to build my JavaScript bundle and serve the assets from my Python application. I’m curious how this will be supported though, since there is no documentation on it.

Are there any significant difference between what is included in the various environments? What is supported? I have been searching for documentation, but the website doc only seem to cover basic use-cases.

Hello @lone-star ,

You should safely be able to use yarn and npm in your buildCommand, regardless of environment. This should be fine for production as well and is a recommended way to call your build script.

Also, that’s a great point on this being a good thing to include in our documentation. I’ll make a note for the team to add this to our docs at some point.