Yarn run build failing


Trying out render and I can’t get my React app to deploy as it keeps failing with:

==> Running build command ‘yarn build’…
Oct 20 09:24:06 PM yarn run v1.22.5
Oct 20 09:24:06 PM $ react-scripts build
Oct 20 09:24:06 PM /bin/sh: 1: react-scripts: not found

There was a recent topic on this, but it was closed and there never was a documented solution… and the linked repo is not accessible anymore.


I see this post mentions they resolved the issue by using yarn; yarn build as the build command. Did you try that?

If that doesn’t work, do you have a public repo you could share? If you could also share the Render service id (visible in the Dashboard URL and starts with srv-...) that could be useful.



We had to do use

yarn install && yarn build and that worked eventually :slight_smile: Thank you!

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