Support for Yarn 2 workspaces

Hi there, I am trying to deploy a static app from a monorepo that uses yarn 2 workspaces and I get the following error during yarn install. It seems that assumes that yarn 1 is in place so it invokes the installation command accordingly. Is there a way to make it work with yarn 2?

Nov 16 05:16:54 PM  ==> Installing dependencies with Yarn...
Nov 16 05:16:55 PM  Unknown Syntax Error: Invalid option name ("--production=false").
Nov 16 05:16:55 PM  $ yarn install [--json] [--immutable] [--immutable-cache] [--check-cache] [--inline-builds]

Thank you in advance.

Answered in slack, but adding here: We don’t support Yarn 2 yet, you can upvote the request at to get get notified of status changes.