Websockets and autoscaling

Hey, I’ve recently been experimenting with deploying a discord bot on Render on the starter plan. The discord bot only uses web-sockets and not REST. The trouble I’m having is it seems to go to sleep after a few hours (so the bot stops working), which I’m guessing is because Render is tearing down the container when it’s not being used and an open web socket connection is not enough to keep it awake? is that a good guess?

I can wake it up by pinging it’s health endpoint.

Would this be solved by upgrading my plan and specifying the minimum number of instances to 1?

Yes, it would be solved if you upgrade to paid plans. Render free plan services are automatically spun down after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Thanks @render_dev, I’ve been running on the paid plan for a day or so and it’s resolved the issue.

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