(Starter Plan) WebSocket sleep after some minutes?


I had two Web Services running on free plans. One of them has an Express server and also a WebSocket server, both running on the same HTTP server; while the other service just uses the WebSocket server.

However, since I upgraded the services to Starter Plan, when I deploy the services everything works fine, but after some minutes (less than 5 minutes), the communication through WebSocket seems to go into “sleep” mode or something like that, since the requests do not get a response. The WebSockets don’t seem to close because I’ve added a log-message such that when the WebSocket server closes, the message is printed and the app tries to reconnect, and this doesn’t happen. It just seems that the WebSocket server goes into a “sleep” mode

Anyone knows what could be causing this problem? thanks

Hey there,
I wonder if you could try deploying this same repo to a starter plan from the start and not upgrading from a free plan to a paid plan and let me know how that behaves?

John B

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