Web forms with a paid render service

Hello, if I pick the $7 per month service, is it possible to build a Node or Golang based website that sends the data of a web form to an e-mail address? In other words, is the sending of email supported in that package? I’m interested in building a form for a non-profit and they need a web-based application form. Thank you.

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Hi @zoliky, that should be possible with that plan. However Render does not have a native email server so you’ll need to configure that within the app. There are plenty of libraries and APIs out there that can help simplify this.

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I would look into a dedicated mail service for your site/form. If it is something your NP will rely on, this offers more reliable email (more successful deliveries not flagged as spam/marketing/etc).

My personal preference is PostMark (what I use for mail on all my services), but if you are trying to keep things cheap, it’s hard to beat SendGrid’s free tier (100 emails/day). They have well-built libraries for both Node (GitHub - sendgrid/sendgrid-nodejs: The Official Twilio SendGrid Led, Community Driven Node.js API Library) and Go (GitHub - sendgrid/sendgrid-go: The Official Twilio SendGrid Led, Community Driven Golang API Library).