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Hey folks,

I’m trying to deploy a(ny) mail server on, does anybody have any recommendations/insights?

I’m trying repos like MailCow and Mailu


And a few more, but just recently discovered that actually doesn’t support docker-compose.yml files, but render.yaml, and converting compose to render.yaml seems like a hastle.

So I was wondering if anybody had been successful in deploying mail server on Render


Hey there,

These types of services probably aren’t best suited to deploying to us.

We do not permit SMTP access from Render services, which includes access to port 25, 587 or 465. These ports are blocked by our Infrastructure provider by default on all their instances and are not something that we will unblock.

Coupled with that, we only permit port 80/443 inbound requests to services so any server deployed would not be able to receive email either.


John B

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