Usegravity boilerplate app

i have a usegravity boilerplate app, the uploaded is successful but the site is empty… can someone help me how to fix this… thanks

Hi there,

It looks like you’re trying to setup a monorepo project. I’d take a guess that the react-scripts: not found is happening because you’ve not run npm install in the client directory of your repo (going from the Build Command in your screenshot).

It also looks like you’re trying to run two processes in one Start Command, which is possible, but a Web Service can only expose one HTTP port to the public, so that may need to be a consideration.

However, react-scripts isn’t a production-ready tool, you should probably be building the React code before serving it. npm run dev doesn’t sound production-ready, either. Dev tools often require more CPU/RAM to do on-the-fly compilation, etc. When deploying to Render it’s usually expected that you’ll be running your app in a production mode.

There are a couple of common patterns for these kinds of monorepo setups:

Hope that helps


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