Deploying apps from Turborepo Monorepo

Hi, I am having an issue deploying my app from a Turborepo monorepo.
The Monnorepo has 2 apps api and client. The client app is a React app built with Vite. The API app is a Nestjs app.
The Monorepo has packages (tailwind-css, eslint-config, Typescript-config, icons, UI components and types) that the apps use.
The apps depends on some of these packages.

How do I deploy these apps?
The monorepo docs is very vague in regards to my folder structure and type of monorepo

Hi there,

The easiest way would be to deploy them as two separate Render services, having the client make API calls to the backend in the format of {render_backend_url}/{api_endpoint}.

For more guidance, check out our FAQ entry on this question:


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