Unstable assets state on node web service for ~15min after each deploy

Hi there !

I’m using Render (which is a great product btw) to deploy several web services, all on the free plan.

The deploy goes well everytime, but right after it, there is a time window of ~15min during which assets loading (js, css, images…) randomly returns 404 errors on some of them.

FYI I am deploying Nuxt.js applications with server side rendering, all on the free plan.

Any idea why ? If the reason is linked to the fact that I’m using the free tier, then it won’t be a problem, I’m planning to move to standard plan soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response and have a great week !

Hey Pierre,

There is a period of time when you deploy a service to Render that our zero-down time feature starts the new instance and then traffic is routed to the old and the new and then the old instance is shutdown.

15 minutes for this to be occurring for is quite a long time - if you can use directly from our dashboard and provide us with the service your experiencing this on we can take a look,


John B

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