Memory usage spikes


I have an app that I keep on deploying probably on a daily basis, when I deploy the app the memory usage goes below 100MB which is totally fine, but after the deployment, it piles up back to around 1.2GB and stays around there. Is there a possibility to figure out why is this happening? Locally everything stays the same and no spikes, even though I am doing the same requests over and over.

I hope that there would be a way to identify if there are any memory leaks or a warning log or anything that would indicate that. Or a way to improve the existing metrics graph with a breakdown of the packages that are eating up the most memory.

Thank you!


Could you reach out to support with the specific service you’re having an issue with? (via the “Contact Support” form in the dashboard)

We could then investigate that further. Right now, we have no way to tell if the memory consumption of your service seems suspicious or not. We could also grab some of your feedback and give it to our UX/eng team.

Jérémy, Render Support

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your reply. I will be contacting your support team.

Thank you!

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