Unable to pay bills in India | New Reserve Bank Rules

Hey! Here in India, the RBI released a new circular around 6 months back stating that service providers won’t be able to automatically charge the standing instructions setup on credit/ debit cards from October 1st, 2021.

I am setting up these e-mandates for almost every service including Google, Google workspaces among other. Noticing that Render has still not updated it’s billing implementation, I just wanted to let you guys know about this.

Here’re a few articles about it-

  1. Explained: The RBI’s order on recurring payments on credit cards | Explained News,The Indian Express
  2. Standing instructions for recurring transactions on cards to get impacted from April 1- Here is what to do - The Financial Express

I am unable to pay my invoice for the month of September since there’s no alternative payment method like PayPal. Also when I try adding a new card from Render’s billing page, it just declines saying ‘This card doesn’t support this type of transaction’ while I am using this card for all my forex subscription on platforms like Google, AWS and Azure, to name a few.

I hope that this will be worked on a priority basis, thank you.

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Hi @ultra, thank you for flagging this. Could you please send an email to support@render.com with your account details, and we will help you to make a one-off payment? We’ll be investigating a longer term solution around this as well. Thanks!

Hi @ultra,

We have added a “Pay Invoice” button on the billing dashboard that you can click to be directed to a secure Stripe payment page. See below:

Let us know if you have any other issues with payment.

This does not work anymore. This happened to me today so writing on this thread. I was able to pay until last month but not now. I have already sent an email to support@render.com

Not sure if this will work. Is it possible to let us delete the card on file and try pay now? In the service we can only update the card and not delete it.

Hi @raghavb. Sorry for the trouble. I believe this has been resolved now over email. Is that correct?

My services have been suspended. The pay invoice button doesn’t work, it doesn’t accept any of my cards. I can’t add wallet balance. This is incredibly frustrating. Frankly, it seems incredibly crappy to suspend service over one unpaid invoice in November, especially when December one was successful without personal reach-out. Seeing my inbox, I just got one email for Invalid Payment Info back in December. Do you guys realize that people can miss reading their email?

Here’s the timeline of what AWS follows when it comes to suspension related to outstanding charges. SIX reminder emails, before finally pulling plug.


I’ve reached out to you directly but this should be resolved for you now. I’m sorry and I understand how frustrating it can be to have your services unexpectedly suspended. I’ve passed this feedback along to our billing team, as we are thinking through how to better handle our billing notification process.

I’m facing problems in clearing my dues. please advise on how to clear my bill. Is there a way to maintain credit balance.