Troubleshooting Proxy Server When Deployed On Render

I’ve developed an application that fetches data from various websites using a SOCKS5 proxy server. Locally, I’m having no issues routing my requests through my proxy server using SocksProxyAgent, however, when I push to Render (I’ve even tried EC2), I’m unable to get data from a couple of websites.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

I’ve tried deploying my application on EC2 to test it, and I encountered the same data retrieval issue. I can get data from some websites but not others.

While the application works perfectly on my local server, it fails to retrieve data when deployed on both EC2 and My hypothesis is that these cloud servers aren’t correctly routing the traffic through my Proxy Server.

I’m using a SOCKS5 Proxy Server to route traffic, which works on my local server. However, it appears that when deployed on EC2 and, the traffic routing may not be functioning as expected.

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Is your proxy is running on Render, or you using some 3rd party proxy server like QuotaGuard or Fixie? It sounds like the websites you are accessing (scrapping??) don’t want people doing this from AWS, so they are blocking you.


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