Mismatch b/w onrender.com and Custom Domain (Cloudflare)

Hello, when I deploy a new commit, I’m seeing the expected version of my app at the onrender.com domain, however I’m seeing a previous version at the Custom Domain. I assume this must be due to Cloudflare caching or some other setting. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is there a way to force it to propagate in Cloudflare (it’s been 15+ minutes)?

Hi Aubrey,

Could you share your service ID or your domain?

Feel free to open a support support ticket from the dashboard if you don’t want to share this information on a public forum.



Thanks, Matt. The site is https://tapistr.ee. I got the expected result by opening an Incognito window (also explains my less-visited onrender.com domain, so I’m guessing I need to look into Cloudflare (don’t see this as a Render issue). Thanks again for the follow-up.

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