Bot could not spin up when a new request for a free service comes in

I have a problem with my telegram bot.
My bot spinup takes so long time. Today morning It can not wake up after getting a webhook signal from telegram.
The telegram server still shows many pending jobs. I had to manually re-deployed my bot, and it worked again.

Has Render blocked a request from Telegram? I called the bot by using a webhook.

Anyone has same problem?


Bots are best deployed using a Background Worker, which runs persistently in the background without exposing a web server. However, this service type is not available with a free instance.

If you attempt to run a bot via a Web Service, the deployment will likely fail after approximately 10 minutes. Sometimes, there may be instances where two bots are running simultaneously for a brief period. This behavior is related to our zero-downtime feature and cannot be disabled.

Jérémy, Render Support

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