Temporary 502 error during deploying a node app

Hi team,

I have a Node app running. Every time I do the deploy, the app will return 502 error at some point during the period of deployment. It is reproduced consistently. How can I have a non-interruptive deploy?


Hi @damon! I’m happy to take a look here. Can you share the service id of your Node app?

Sent you a DM.

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Hi @damon, it looks like your service has a disk attached, which at the moment, we do not support 0 downtime deploys for. I suspect that’s why you’re seeing the app is temporarily unavailable for a short period during deployment. More info on this here.

I thought having a disk is to have 0 downtime deploy. Isn’t it the case?

So what’s your suggestion, removing the disk?

Having a disk will allow you to store data that will persist across deploys. So if your service is stateless, then you would not need to add a disk. If you need to store and persist data, however, then you would either need to use a disk or a database to do so.

My service read the data from Firebase database. Now it’s hosted on Render node service. In my case, what should I do to have a 0 downtime deploy?

If you are using Firebase database to persist your data and not writing to the disk, then you may not necessarily need the disk. If that’s the case, then you can probably remove the disk, as having the disk prevents 0 downtime deploys.

Ty so much Jade! After removing the disk, the downtime issue is gone. Appreciate your help :+1:

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