Syncs Stuck - 15 characters

Hello- I generally use a yaml file to create my resources. However, recently I was added to the postgres 12/13 early access, and wanted to replace my (yaml-backed) pg11 database with a pg13 one. So I deleted the pg11 database and spun up a pg13 database with the same name. When deploying didn’t fix the backend conn envvar, I manually updated it. Ever since, my yaml syncs have been stuck in the “syncing…” state, and new envvars I have since added to my backend are not getting applied to productoin. PR environments have not had this problem (although it just occurred to me that they may not be pg13? that’s an alarming thought).

Hi @CannibalVox!

We suspect that this issue is related to a recent change on our end. We’re working on addressing this and will update here once it’s been resolved!

Hi @CannibalVox, thanks for your patience here. We have pushed out a change to address this. At your earliest convenience, can you please try a manual sync for your YAML resource group?

My manual sync succeeded, and my backend service now has all the data I want it to have. My other syncs are still in the “Running…” state btw, but there’s no material problem with that, for me.

@CannibalVox Glad to hear the sync succeeded! Yes, the other syncs will still show that “running” status for the meantime - that will be a separate item for us to address to set them to “error”