[suggestion] support render.yml in addition to render.yaml

hey team! this is a small thing, but it would be nice if the platform looked for a render.yml file in addition to render.yaml.

I think it’s dumb, but rails doesn’t look for, for instance, database.yaml:

it’s not such a big deal for a solo dev to have *.yml in the rails project with a single render.yaml file in the root, but for larger teams / projects it can lead to annoying problems, and plus, consistencyyyy :sob::weary::disappointed:

just want to add, supporting .yml isn’t without precedent. ansible seems to use .yml consistently:

and it seems as though GitHub actions only supported .yml until fairly recently:

(their documentation now lists both as being valid)

This is a great suggestion! I’ve added a feature request at Support for render.yml | Feature Requests | Render.

I suggest you upvote and we can get it into our product roadmap.

done! thanks!

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