Error using the Rails render doc example

I am running through the doc for a rails application on render. When I connect to the app using the blueprint in render I get the following error:

A render.yaml file was found, but there was an issue.

env var depends on non-existent DB: mysite

here is my render.yaml file, I think it is copied straight from the render doc.


  • type: web
    name: mysite
    runtime: ruby
    plan: free
    buildCommand: “./bin/”

    preDeployCommand: “bundle exec rails db:migrate” # preDeployCommand only available on paid instance types

    startCommand: “bundle exec rails server”
    • key: DATABASE_URL
      name: mysite
      property: connectionString
      sync: false
      value: 2 # sensible default

and the build script

#!/usr/bin/env bash

exit on error

set -o errexit

bundle install

bundle exec rails assets:precompile

bundle exec rails assets:clean

bundle exec rails db:migrate

It looks like you ended up resolving the issue in your other post.

Was there a different issue at play in this post?

No but I did post a second issue which I found doing the sample rails app in the render docs.

Can you clarify what the issue was? Are you referring to the error on finding the mysite database?

Danny honestly I don’t remember at this point, I was stepping through the rails doc you had on render. Sorry!