Build failed with bash ./bin/ No such file or directory

I followed the instrucitons here for my Rails 6.1 app Ruby on Rails Render Deployment | Render

but unfortunately, I can’t seem to deploy it right. the render.yaml in my repo is exactly what you see in the docs, except “mysite” is the name of my actual site

When I go to create the new YAML, it guides me through the steps described. I give it the RAILS_MASTER_KEY that is in config/master.key (not checked into version control), click Apply…

Then it appears to create the database OK

when it goes to create the web service, the deploy fails with

Jan 3 11:11:12 AM RubyGems system software updated
Jan 3 11:11:17 AM ==> Running build command ‘./bin/’…
Jan 3 11:11:17 AM bash: ./bin/ No such file or directory
Jan 3 11:11:17 AM ==> Build failed :disappointed:

I think I missed something? Thanks for your assistance.

Hi Jason,

Can you share your service-id or github repo ( if public) ?

From the error message it looks like your repo doesn’t have a ./bin/ file. You might have to replace the build command with something specific to your project or ensure the path to the file is valid.

Hi Render,

this is strange, it is a standard Rails 6.1 app

The repo is private but Id’ be happy to share it with you for figuring out this issue. — the repo is here but it is private

I swear all I did was step through the public documentation for Rails apps and this is what I got so, perhaps I missed something small?