Subdomains on internal connections

Is there a way to use subdomains with the internal connection address for a web service?

We have a rails app running in a web service, and are moving our front end away from S3 hosted SPAs to a few Remix apps. The hope is that the Remix apps would connect to the Rails app internally, but the rails app uses various subdomains to handle the business rules for the different front ends. Is there any way to achieve this using the internal network connection?

Hi there,
It’s not possible, internal domains only use the service name.

You might be able to pass a host header so that Rails does the right thing though in your internal requests though - certainly some Ruby Gems let you explicitly add this type of item globally - you might be able to do the same in your Remix apps?


John B

OK, thanks for the reply, that makes sense, we’ll figure something out

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