Sub domains on URL´s front end and back end

Hello everybody and thanks in advance for the help.

I am having troubles on the configurations of my internal urls on front and back end , and i have a custom domain. what should i do? use render sub domains to change my local host domains? or use custom domain url ?

And in CNAME DNS conf. should i use render subdomain or my custom.

Regards from Barcelona.


I’m not 100% sure what you mean, and there’s not quite enough detail, but I’ll try to cover the basics around your questions.

  • Custom domains are only used for access from outside Render. The required DNS records (A/CNAME) are provided when you add the custom domain to a service. More in the docs:

  • A typical separated frontend/backend setup will have the frontend as a Static Site, so that it’s CDN’ed and quick to load, with data being hydrated from backend/API calls. As a Static Site has no “server-side” of its own at runtime, those API calls would be made from the client side. So they would need to call the backend/API on a custom or domain (a custom domain would be preferential, so you that have more control over cookies)

  • If you have a Web Service for both the frontend and the backend, and the frontend does server-side rendering, you could make calls over the private network. The services need to be in the same account/team and region. More on private networking:


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