Subdomain on Render

Hi! I’ve created a static blog from my GitHub repo and want to use it as a blog in my subdomain, but I’m getting an error (This domain conflicts with existing base domain on another site. Please delete it from that site and try again.) every time I tried to add my custom domain like
The main domain is hosted on Namecheap with its DNS like is on Render too.
Any suggestions?

Hi @ulrich,

If you’ve got a domain like and is used by a different Render user or team, you are unable to use If you have access to the user or team that is using the subdomain, you can create your static blog site as that user or team.

For example, you may have created under one of the teams you belong to, and are trying to create your blog under your personal Render account. I’d check for that.

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Hi! dan and thank you for your reply. Currently, I’m trying to deploy it as a member of the team. But even if I try it with my personal account, it remains the same.

Can you send me a link to the Render dashboard for the two sites you are trying to configure, and which domains you want to assign to them? Feel free to send this as a private message.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to send you a private message.

Resolved in private message