Not able to add custom domain

Whenever I try to add a custom domain into an app, it gives me this error. This domain conflicts with the existing base domain on another site. Please delete it from that site and try again. My custom domain is a fresh subdomain and it is not mapped anywhere else. Still, I am seeing this error. This is specifically for subdomains of, with all the other domains it is working fine.

This was working fine previously and I had added few domains which are working fine. But for the past few months, I am struggling with this issue.

Please help.

Hi there, I believe your issue is precisely because you are trying to use subdomains of a domain that you already are using, here is a link to an answer posted to this question in the past. Let me know if this resolves your issue.

Hi @mahsa, I have already read that post. The issue in my case is I want to use domain in all of the teams that I have created in my render account.

I have mapped domain for a specific static site, inside that team I can use But outside that team or in another team I am not able to map any service to

Please let me know if you have any information regarding this.