Static site deployment status

Hi Team

First off - amazing platform here, was really easy to get set up and started with a static site.

Is there a recommended way to check whether a certain deployment pipeline is ready? A use case would be to automatically take visual diffs from different browsers once a pull request preview is ready.



For all services (including Pull Request Previews) you can go to their Events page to watch for when your deploy is live. Clicking on an in-progress deploy will also show you a ‘Live’ indicator when it’s finished.

However, I feel like I might have misunderstood the question- are you looking for a more automated way to be notified about deploy status?

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Can we use an API to check on latest deployment status? Specifically, we would like to report status of builds triggered with the webhook.

For our use case, a Netlify-style status badge would also work. Does Render have anything like this?

Hi @david_frqncy, our REST API was just made available in early access. At the moment it only includes endpoints related to custom domains, but we plan to add endpoints for build/deploy status in the coming weeks. Would you like to be notified when those endpoints become available?

Hey @david! I was wondering if there’s been any update on the API for deployment status updates?

Hey @celioreyes, I can’t provide an ETA but we’re working on it. Stay tuned!