Running E2E post deployment

I have a static site, and I’ve written some end-to-end tests for it in Cypress.

I would like to run these tests on the live site after a successful deployment, but I can’t think of a way to do it. As far as I know, there are no “post deploy” hooks in Render.

What are my options here? The code resides in Github, and I have access to GH actions.

Hi @nixstrom, welcome to the Render community! We do have a couple features that are planned that I think would be helpful for your use case in providing signal of a successful deploy: Github Checks may be one, as well as Deploy Webhooks. You can upvote the feature requests to receive future updates on development progress.

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If your service is managed using IaC, Render will post deployment status updates to the Github repository. It looks like you can trigger a Github Action based on a deployment status, so you should be able to run E2E tests when a deployment is marked as active.


Oh, that sounds like a good solution, Jake. However, I can see that Render does not in fact post a deployment status to the repo, even though it has full access. Do I need to do something special to enable this?

PS: The service is managed with IaC.

Could you share the service ID? Feel free to DM me.