SSH error trying to add a file from local

render@:~/project/src$ scp /image ssh Permission denied (publickey).
lost connection

Despite having added my ssh key. I’ve also deployed again. Can’t seem to find a way around.
Thank you in anticipation!

That command (scp /image ssh srv-…) doesn’t make sense. According to this output you’re on a Render instance when you’re attempting to copy /image, and not a machine within your control. In that output you’re not copying from your machine to Render, you’re at least trying to copy from Render to Render, but also with a syntax error.

So please can you help me on the best way to go about it?

Run scp from your own computer.

I ran that command exactly on my computer.

Your own output says otherwise:


This (including the srv-… name you masked for anonymity) is the default shell prompt for an instance running on Render.

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