Slow upload speeds to AWS S3 Bucket from Django application

I am working on a video streaming application that will serve video and music files from an AWS S3 bucket. I was having timeout issues when I was uploading video files from my Django admin panel to the s3 bucket. I am working around it for now by setting timeout to 0 in my file. I’m curious what can be done on the Render side with my Django application to reduce uploading time? Is this a Render issue, or is it more to do with the file types I’m working with?


Where exactly did you notice the timeout issue? Was it from Gunicorn? By default, Gunicorn workers are set with a relatively low timeout value, which I believe is 30 seconds. This means that any processes not completed within that time frame will be terminated. You can modify this default value to 0 to prevent the workers from being killed, as you’ve already discovered, but please note that Render isn’t involved in any of these workflows. It’s also unlikely that we’re causing an issue with uploading files to your S3 buckets, as we don’t have any known issues related to this. Have you observed significantly higher upload speeds when performing the same operation locally or via another server?

Render Support, UTC+3

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