30 second connection limit?

Is there a connection timeout limit of some sort?

I am running a flask app, which makes a streaming request to OpenAI API. It works fine locally. But on render.com after 30 seconds (± a second or so) the python seems to get an error, and my function restarts.

  • I am using nginx in a container.
  • I am using gunicorn (and have extended the timeout to 2 mins)
  • I can’t see any useful logs that point to the error

I can’t narrow down the problem at the moment. Any ideas?

Hi Rich,

There is a timeout imposed by Render, but it’s 100 minutes.

I’d check into nginx/flask configuration, or possibly a timeout on OpenAI’s side.



Ok, I’ve figured it out. In case it saves someone else a few hours…

Gunicorn was running both locally and on render.com. Locally, it was being initiatied by this line in my Dockerfile:

CMD [“gunicorn”, “–timeout”, “300”, “–config”, “gunicorn-cfg.py”, “run:app”]

And so it was correctly using gunicorn-cfg.py

On render , it seems this command wasn’t running, but gunicorn was being started based on the ‘Start Command’ in the ‘Settings’ page. When I updated that to:

gunicorn --timeout 300 --config gunicorn-cfg.py run:app

It all started working properly.

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