Sharing access to databases

I was wondering how I can easily give access to team members. For the web service, I see a tab on the left side to add render users to the service so that then can access and update it.

However, for the other services, postgres and redis, I don’t see a sharing tab. Is there a way to do this beside just giving the credentials to our main user?

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It depends on how you’re referring to “access”.

If you mean collaborators having access to view all the services in the Render Dashboard a Render Team would probably be the better solution. A team has members (added in Team Settings), and each member will have access to all services within that team in the Render Dashboard. The sharing tab of services is more intended for one-off sharing from personal accounts.

If you mean specific database credentials. Additional Postgres credentials can be added directly through SQL as normal:

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ok, thanks. I must have missed the team settings. I’ll take a closer look again. Thanks!

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