Permissions to UPDATE postgres extensions on managed database


I’m using a Render managed postgres database (Postgres v14). I’ve enabled the Postgis extension and it works correctly.

I would like to move the tables Postgis manages into their own schema. This is supported by Postgis

It appears, though, that the postgres user that Render provides does not have permissions to modify an extension.

UPDATE pg_extension SET extrelocatable = true WHERE extname = 'postgis';


ERROR:  permission denied for table pg_extension

Attempting to grant this privilege on my user does not work either:

GRANT UPDATE on pg_extension to postgres_prod_user;


WARNING:  no privileges were granted for "pg_extension"

Is this possible, or will I need to spin up a Postgres database in a Docker container to have full control?

Hey Jonathan, so as a managed Postgres service there are a few limitations that we have to put in place.

What I’ll need to do is check in wth our Datastores team here to see what we can do here, obviously, via Docker you’d have full control of your PG instance but then you’d have to take care of backups etc


John B

Hi Jonathan,

We currently aren’t able to provide the additional privileges here to allow you to modify the extension. If you’d like to do this, then we’d recommend a docker based service with a disk attached.

If you get a moment, would you be able to create a request for this in We can then prioritize this based on additional customer use cases and requests.

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