Service started twice but instances is 1?


I just deployed my first app to Render. I noticed this in the deployment logs:

Nov 22 07:16:14 PM  ==> Deploying...
Nov 22 07:16:39 PM  ==> Starting service with '_build/prod/rel/kepler/bin/kepler start'
Nov 22 07:17:09 PM  19:17:09.561 [info] Running KeplerWeb.Endpoint with cowboy 2.8.0 at :::10000 (http)
Nov 22 07:17:09 PM  ==> Starting service with '_build/prod/rel/kepler/bin/kepler start'
Nov 22 07:17:29 PM  19:17:29.817 [info] Running KeplerWeb.Endpoint with cowboy 2.8.0 at :::10000 (http)

I’m on the most basic plans and instances is set to 1, so I wonder why I see this message twice? There are no errors whatsoever, everything seems to be running smoothly.


I also noticed (on a subsequent deploy) that the first service is being killed :thinking:

Nov 22 10:07:28 PM  22:07:28.108 [info] SIGTERM received - shutting down

I wonder why that is?

I would like to know this too. It is happening for me too.

BTW: @svileng is your deployment done through render.yaml infrastructure as code? I suspect it’s because of that.

Hello, could you let us know the service that you’re seeing this behavior with? Happy to take a look from our end to see what’s happening.

Hey @Jade_Paoletta I wrote you a private message with my service ID a few days ago but got no response. :pray:

@stefan.luptak**, **

Apologies that I missed that. We’ll take a look here.

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I’ve responded via DM but it looks like the issue here is that the service is not responding to the readiness probe, and is being restarted, hence the two start commands in the logs. We could certainly do better to make this more obvious in the dashboard, as there’s not currently an indication of this in the logs.