Having 2 instances after deploy

I am trying to deploy my telegram bot here. However, the deployment would always fail because two instances are created during a single deployment and they clash with each other. The bot runs find when I deploy it on my own Desktop. Do anyone know how to fix this issue?

Hi there, we wouldn’t create 2 instances but there can be a point in time where there are 2 instances running whilst the new one replaces the old one (see https://render.com/docs/deploys#zero-downtime-deploys)

John B

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is there any way to ensure that only one instance is created because now there are two bot running on the same access token and they clash with each other.

I am a student learning about cloud computing and I am doing my project.
I don’t know what is the difference between Heroku and Render. But I don’t have this issue when I run my code on Heroku. However, we are required to use platform other than Heroku so I moved to Render. I have tried many platform but Render is the best so far, but I cannot fix the two instances problem.

Heroku don’t provide the feature that does this as a default like we do - they call it preboot, you have to explicitly enable it on them.

We don’t provide the ability to disable it either. However, if you were to attach a small disk to the service that would prevent 2 instances from running due to a technical limitation - however, disks aren’t available on our free plan services which may further limit your options here.

John B

Do you use “Web Service” or “Background Worker” to deploy your Telegram bot?

I tried attaching a 1GB disk to my Telegram bot app (background worker), but the error did not go away. Any other solution?

Hi Miyato - what errors are you getting? It might be worth opening a new support issue here by emailing support@render.com

John B

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