Service not ready

@[jeremy-render] Can you guys please debug this and fix it quickly.

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Just waiting for render only

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Same here. i justI thought my code had an error LOL


getting the same issue I think it must be from’s end

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Ông cũng bị à? Tôi chạy bot và nó ngủm luôn :slight_smile:

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The state is updated:

We have successfully implemented a fix to address the problem, resulting in the resolution of affected services. However, if you are still encountering the issue, it is recommended that you consider re-deploying your service to resolve the problem.
Posted 6 minutes ago. May 11, 2023 - 12:13 UTC



This incident should now be over, if any of you are still experiencing the issue, please reach out via the “Contact Support” form in the dashboard.

Jérémy, Render Support

Well I hope you can fix the problem :smiley:

And I just checked the Metallic website and it says the same thing yall talking about.

Ừ t cũng chạy bot không thấy gì check ra là biết cút rồi

The issue has been resolved. Please redeploy using the latest commit to ensure the fix is applied.

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it says that it isnt working :confused:


Chạy lại ngon rồi

I am getting the same issue , firstly i thought it is my build mistake perhaps it was working since past 2 days … Let see How render approach to this problem Hoping render will solve this issues at their end very soon.

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I’m dealing with similar problems. I had to look it up on Google and found this discussion. I hope the problem is quickly resolved.

I have redeployed my service and the problem has not been resolved. It gives me an HTTP ERROR 502 :scream:

I’m still getting the error… Please fix it! Why did you mark this support task as resolved? Render Status - "This server is not ready" errors on free services

I have also redeployed and it works for a few minutes before reverting to the error. This is certainly not resolved as the status shows…

Still having same issue on free tier: “This service is not ready to serve traffic. If you are the site owner, please check that your service is passing health checks.”

Redeploying manually works only for a few minutes, then we get the same error. Thanks for checking it out.

Same problem…