Scaling Preview Environments


I’ve been reading the docs for scaling and preview envs and I can’t see if it is possible to scale a preview environment and the scaling tab is not in the preview environment in the dashboard. I attached an excerpt from our YAML file below.

Is it possible to enable auto-scaling for a preview environment? I presume it is but just not sure what I am doing wrong.

- type: web
  plan: Pro
  previewPlan: starter
  name: dashboard-backend
  env: elixir
  buildCommand: cd api && ./
  startCommand: cd api && _build/prod/rel/dashboard_api/bin/dashboard_api start
  healthCheckPath: /api/health
      minInstances: 1
      maxInstances: 5
      targetMemoryPercent: 80
      targetCPUPercent: 80

Hi @Jack_Kennedy,

We unfortunately do not support scaling for Preview Environments at the time - please feel free to add this as a feature request so that we can gauge interest in this feature and prioritize it accordingly.

Thanks - a bit hard to test how scaling might affect application code etc in that case - added here - Scaling Preview Environments | Feature Requests | Render. A workaround is probably to create another Render team or project for testing not in the preview?

Hey @Jack_Kennedy,

Thanks for creating the request - and yes, if you need to test scaling for the meantime then we would recommend doing this outside of the preview environment.

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