Running a service on a path on main domain

I have frontend service that runs on: and a render node service that runs on

Because of firewall policy of some of our clients, we need to have both services running on the same domain.

so the API service has to move from

Is there a way to do it via render/cloudflare?

Arguably, and are running on the same domain, so it seems like a weird Firewall policy that requires them to be on the same subdomain, when a rule like * would be sufficient.

That being said corporate firewalls are what they are. You’d probably need to be exploring reverse proxying with Nginx fronting your services here with / being proxied to your front end app and then the /api path being proxied to your API service

John B

Thanks for the reply John.
Indeed corporate proxies are very odd, but we have this issues already with two enterprise customers so I assume it’s a real thing over there at the corporate world.

Anyway, do you have an example on how to set up ngingx with render?