Reverse proxy for customer domains with cloudflare DNS

Hi, I’m trying to spin up a reverse proxy to host custom (customer) domains on render for our SAAS.

The proxy is Caddy and works fine, however our DNS that we give to customers to CNAME is hosted on Cloudflare, their own DNS may also be on Cloudflare in numerous circumstances. This seems to cause issues with Render.

I understand the workaround is to add the domain to the service in Render, but that means all of our customers custom domains will need to be added to the Render proxy service, correct? I think this makes the whole thing a non-starter and we’ll need to move to another hosting provider but I’d love to hear of any workarounds.

Hi there,

Firstly, a customers CloudFlare infront of our own CloudFlare isn’t typically a problem.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to accomplish here. If a custom domain isn’t added to a Render service then it’s only accessible via it’s address - if you’re running the reverse proxy then for the request to be served by you, you’d need the custom domain added to your service. Plenty of our customers do this already and use our API to provision the custom domain onto their own service and have the customer update their DNS to point at a DNS record that you are in control of.

Perhaps if you can explain the scenario in more detail we can make more suggestions.

John B

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