Custom domains via Cloudflare

I’m using Cloudflare for DNS for my domain, and I added it successfully as a custom domain to my Render service.
As mentioned in the docs, I set all the CNAME records to nor use the Cloudflare proxy (i.e. to gray).
I’d like to use some Cloudflare features though (Rules etc.) and to do this, I need to enable the proxy (i.e. set it to orange). As a first test, it seems to work fine and the custom domain works as before.

Will this continue to work or cause problems at some point?
I read about the Cloudflare “orange to orange” problem, which is why I thought it wouldn’t work at all when I enabled the proxy…

Hi there

It will work fine, we have many customers in an orange-to-orange configuration without any problems these days - once you’ve got the domain verified on us you can change from DNS-Only back to proxied,


John B

Great, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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