REST API Not Exporting CSV To User

Hi there!

I’m rather new to this! I just uploaded my first REST API using Render. The user sends a POST request of their path to which the csv will download too. I can confirm that my API is reading in the path since it prints in the log however it will not actually show up in my folder. It worked when I ran the API on localhost, so is there anything I can do to make sure the csv gets downloaded fully onto the user’s computer?

I do realize the forward slashes clash with the last backslash… that was an attempt to flip them around and see if it would change the outcome.


It seems like you’re using a Windows-style path, but our servers run on Linux, so the path format you’re using won’t work. In Linux, we don’t use backward slashes or drive letters like ‘C:’ as you would in Windows. It looks like there’s a bit of confusion about how the filesystem works on Linux. I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the Linux filesystem to help resolve this issue.

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