Render is down, is there an incident?

Postgres/Redis still down in Frankfurt. Almost 2 hours …


My database instances in Oregon are also still down…

Same for us, our dev DB is up but our prod one still down…

We’re fully recovered.

Frankfurt PostgreSQL is back again, at least for us.

Oregon Postgres is back up and live for us as well

Also fully recovered <3

Oregon taking 30 minutes to deploy

I think whichever automated processes are responsible for reporting to the status website need reevaluation. Claiming that there is “No downtime recorded on this day” for Oregon PostgreSQL, among other services including the homepage, is untrue.



This incident has now been resolved, we’ll provide any follow-up on the status page directly: Render Status - Free PostgreSQL Datastores Unavailable

Reach out to us via the dashboard’s ‘Contact Support’ form if you want any 1:1 help.

Render Support, UTC+3

Any idea on when there will be a write up posted about this incident?

They put up a postmortem here yesterday: Render Status - Platform Outages

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