Redis Upgrade Implications

Hi all,

I’m looking to upgrade a (paid) redis instance, and wondering what the implications will be around downtime, data, and approaches with blueprints. Particularly:

  • I presume the data is migrated across - the documentation says that’s not the case when moving from the free tier, but I think it’s worth explicitly stating that between paid tiers, data is kept?
  • Are there any estimates on how long an upgrade takes? Given there’s downtime involved, it’s useful to know how long that might be so I can manage expectations of those using my site. (In my case, moving from starter to standard with around 150MB RAM currently being used.)
  • I’m specifying the redis plan level in my render.yaml file - should I upgrade by adjusting that value in a commit, or through the dashboard? Does the commit approach work at all? But also, what happens if I perform the upgrade through the dashboard, and then push an (unrelated) commit, with render.yaml still having the old plan name?

Any wisdom that can be shed on this would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey Pat,

  1. Your data will remain intact when upgrading from and to a paid instance type
  2. The duration of the upgrade may vary depending on your current usage, but it usually takes just a minute or two
  3. Any configurations set in your render.yaml file will take precedence over existing settings, as long as they are valid. However, downgrading a Redis instance type is not possible, so specifying “starter” in your .yaml file while the Redis instance in the dashboard has already been upgraded to “Pro” will not override this value and the instance will remain in Pro

Jérémy, Render Support

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Thanks Jérémy, greatly appreciate the answers!

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