Redis Client IP address is not in the allowlist

Just dropping this here.

This IP filtering is making Redis connections unnecessarily difficult. I created 2 different Redis databases but couldn’t connect to any from my local machine because of IP issues. Connecting to a database shouldn’t be that hard.

Anyway, I’ve moved on with Redis Cloud. Hope you guys reconsider the approach.

Hi there,

You’re welcome to just use to permit all connections, but also,. There should have been a ‘Use my IP’ address button, which should have helped here.


John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

John, I’m not sure this is working correctly.

Here is our Redis config (wide open to test this):

[Screenshot removed because I can only post one attachment per post]

Yet version 7.2.3 of the client can’t connect:

(I simply copy and pasted the “Redis CLI Command”)


@mike_w please contact us directly with a new ticket from Dashboard and pick the redis instance and we can dig in.

For posterity, I found the problem. When using a wildcard like, /0 will be auto filled into the form field, but will not be saved. Updated the ticket with video showing how it happens.

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this saved my day, thanks

But why is this info not in the docs

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