React build folder is not found. Fullstack single repo

My repository contains frontend and backend code. I created a web service and deployed the NestJs application. Then I created a static site, specified the root directory as “react” and publish directory as “build”, but during deploying the “build” folder is not found. What is wrong ?


If the Build Folder/Publish Directory is not found, you’ll need to double check you’re referencing the right place.

Maybe there are more details in the deploy logs before the failure message?


But the build logs show a move command being run on it:

> mv build ../project_backend/


Ок, but I didn’t write it, didn’t call it and don’t know how to cancel it. If I put a “.” instead of a “build” in the Publish directory, the depliying process does not stop.

It also shows: postbuild. Maybe you have a postbuild script in your package.json?


oh really, thanks

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