Vite App build folder not found!

I have deployed react apps previously with the following setup, but with Vite seems not to work:

Branch: dev.
Root directory: Blank (Using src folder)
Build command: npm run build.
Publish directory: build.

Github repo at the moment is private, does this affect in anything?

Does someone has an example to deploy simple Vite app in render?

Appreciate the support.

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Responded privately.

The default build output for Vite is dist, so we would recommend trying that, unless a specific build.outDir is specified. See for more details.

Thanks for the support @jade_Paoletta. I’ve got it to advance but not completely, now the error is vite: not found. Still figuring it out.

Hi Joe, have you figured it out yet? I have this same issue

Hi @damilola1ade, yes I did. In the field of build command you should have npm run build, and in the publish directory you should have the dist folder. Just write dist.

Hope it’s helpful.

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Thanks this helped me deploy my Vite app (with pnpm)

Running build command ‘npm run build’…
npm ERR! missing script: build,

I’m getting this error what should I do