Trying to create static JS app, getting "Build folder build does not exist"

I have a vanilla JS app that is contained entirely within a single index.html file; in my repo its path is /video/index.html.

I want to deploy this as a static site so that going to loads the page. In my Settings for this site I specified a Publish directory of build. I don’t think I should need a publish directory since everything the app needs to run is contained in the index.html file, but I created the folder anyways.

When I try to deploy, I get:

May 18 06:16:31 PM ==> Cloning from
May 18 06:16:32 PM ==> Checking out commit 5f7bdfc3f39e57c15ba54d7e1e4890edad969304 in branch main
May 18 06:17:15 PM ==> Using Python version: 3.7.10
May 18 06:17:19 PM ==> Empty build command; skipping build
May 18 06:17:23 PM ==> Uploading build…
May 18 06:17:23 PM ==> Build folder build does not exist!
May 18 06:17:23 PM ==> Build failed :disappointed:

I did notice that when I git status after creating the folder and running git add -A, it says “nothing to commit, working tree clean” so i guess the problem is that the folder isn’t actually getting added to the repo even though it now exists in my file structure?

Anyways, just trying to figure out what I need to do to get this app to deploy.


If your HTML file is in /video/index.html, then the “Publish Directory” would be video.


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